Monday Window: On a beach in Oman, 6/3/17…

You don’t expect to find a window on a lonely beach, but in Oman, there is always the unexpected sight.

A derelict mosque sits on a sand dune above the beach, the elements are sweeping it away, storm by storm.

Taken on the long beach north of Al Ashkharah, Google maps GPS 21.941609, 59.648001.

Al Ashkharah (Arabic: الأشخرة‎‎) (named after a poisonous desert plant) is a town in the Ash Sharqiyah Region of Oman.

Daily Post : Beach

I try to spend as much of my free time on beaches, not sunbathing , but walking along the beach shore searching for shells and looking at the aquatic life that inhabits this zone.I wrote my April 2016 A to Z challenge around the sea shores of UAE and Oman.

Yesterday I spent time on a beach which I can only describe as magnificent.

A beach on one of the islands in Honda Bay, Palawan, The Philippines. No other people  on this beach. A mile of snaking beach, full of sea biscuits, jellyfish and starfish. Flat calm, aqua water lines the beach, a 2-hour walk on the beach, to the end and back. Bliss on the beach, a memory to treasure….







Introducing my favourite place in Oman…. Masirah Island

I first visited Masirah in October 2013 and have been back many times, the island’s simplicity and beauty draw me like a magnet. It’s a complete contrast to anywhere in the UAE and I never fail to relax amidst its rural island atmosphere.  Continue reading