Home is where my heart is….

I currently live in Dubai in a rented flat 30 plus floors up in the sky, looking out over a surreal view of the waterfront. I watch the traffic queues just below me, hear the supercars speeding down the beach road, see the boats, the beaches, the hotels, the waterfront palaces but it’s not my real home, albeit a home with stunning sunset views. This is my temporary home for the last few years. No garden or balcony, just a little window that opens just far enough to push my lens through…  Continue reading

Cyclamen in Cyprus….

My greatest pleasure is to come home… home is in Cyprus, a million miles in mindset away from the big Dubai city in terms of pace, progress and landscape and of course heat. Cyprus has its own special pace, the nation has been struggling through a turbulent period of ups and downs since it’s foray into the world of the EU and is still a divided island since the 1974 invasion. Continue reading