Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare

Travelling across the desert in the  Al Gharbia western region of the UAE, from White Sands to Liwa, the landscape is almost devoid of life. Occasionally small bushes break through the sand, a welcome sight contrasting to the ochre hues in this spare landscape. Not too many camels this far out into the desert either, but I did find a mother and baby….



Desert moments…

When I drive in the desert, utter calm descends over me.

Lowering the tyres to 12psi, the Pajero seamlessly floats over the surface of the sand, every dune unknown, accelerating up and over, easing the pressure as the car crests over and down the ridge.

Beautiful desert colours encompass the surroundings with sand hues ranging from pale yellow to deep ochre, offset by the cloudless blue skies.  Continue reading

Desert driving for everyone – GNFD 2016…

Every year the Gulf News, an English-language paper in Dubai, runs a fun drive in the desert during the winter.The event has been running for 30 odd years, with a route carefully planned well in advance, tickets go on sale before the event and it’s always a sellout.  Continue reading

Shelling- the first footsteps down the beach…

I’ve always picked up shells from beaches, pretty reminders of holidays, one or two here and there… a dish at home full of memories .. but it was my first summer in the Middle East that sparked a hobby that has now taken me to the most amazing places.  Continue reading

Discovering Barr al Hikman, Oman- October 2015

Barr al Hikman, Oman has been on the “to visit” list for a while and finally a decision was made to spend 48 hours exploring the peninsula.

Barr al Hikman Route Oct2015

Located in the centre of Oman’s East coast in Al Wasta Governate, it is a vast desolate area made up of sabkha (salt flats) and rocky ridges.  Continue reading