Day Nineteen: Double & Rotation, Part 2

Arriving home very late, after a late end of quarter night at work and losing my entire Photo program due to a massive crash, but having already posted  today’s assignment via my phone ( I was fairly proud of this achievement, WordPress on iPhone takes a bit of getting used to, but once on track it’s relatively simple, but it was a first!)  I managed to restore my photo program and can post my original double thought for this assignment….  Continue reading

Day Nineteen: Double & Rotation

So I’m stuck in the office late, my photo app has completely crashed on my computer….not a great day.

I’ve had to be creative with my IPhone to do today’s task….dizzily waiting to go home after a very long day.

Going cross-eyed looking my computer screen…


The way out of the office, blurry vision… time to go home!


Photo 101, Weekend three: Camel racing….

Choosing this option for weekend shots, fitting in perfectly with my weekend jaunt to the camel races!

  • Observe and capture an entire scene, but also, zoom in on it. Stick to architecture if you’d like: capture the size of a building, but get close to record its details. Or, choose something different — a farmer’s market, a festival — and take establishing shots as well as smaller moments within the scene.

Camel racing is a traditional sport in the Middle East. This weekend I had the chance to soak up the atmosphere and excitement myself. The event was held at the Al Marmoom camel track on the outskirts of Dubai, races started at 2pm. I arrived  just in time to see the build up, crowds and action.  Continue reading

Photo 101, Day 11: Pop and Colour

My takes on today’s assignment.

Living in the Middle East, outside the cities, the colours of the land and developments seem to blend into one another in a spectrum of desert colours, lit overhead by relentless, blinding sunshine. A bright colour is an instant pop in the blended desert landscape.  Continue reading

Photo 101: Weekend Review: An Oman tale…

I had planned an Oman weekend well in advance of the massive storms that hit the Arabian peninsula last Wednesday and headed off to my destination in ignorance of the impact such storms cause, especially in Oman. The storm had swept up and over the central mass of the country, culminating in a spectacular thunderstorm that was playing over towards the northeast as we headed down the long, lonely road, once through the Mezayed border crossing formalities at Al Ain.  Continue reading

Photo 101: Day 3 assignment: Water and Orientation.

Our assignment today is Water and Orientation and the comparison between horizontal and vertical.

It’s a thundery day today in Dubai and I am more likely to see water from the heavens than the sea, so I’m using photographs from a trip to Masirah island, Oman in December 2015.  Continue reading

Photo 101: Day 2 assignment: Street and establishing shots.

Day 2: I decided not to use my photo library for this assignment and took a brief step out into the street during my lunch hour to find a shot. Probably one I wouldn’t use again, but time was short.

Privacy laws here are strict, so photographing people and posting on social media is a no-no without their agreement. Penalties are high, so sadly no human interaction in my photo, I need to keep working!  Continue reading